The structure of Revelation 5

John describes the scroll (Rev. 5.1)

A search is made for someone worthy enough to open the scroll (Rev. 5.2-5)

The angel asks who is worthy (2)

No one in the universe is found worthy (3)

John weeps (4)

One of the elders consoles John: there is a Lion who can open it (5)

The Lamb appears and takes the scroll (Rev. 5.6-7)

Appearance and description of the Lamb (6)

The Lamb takes the scroll from the One seated on the throne (7)

Various groups respond in worship to the Lamb (Rev. 5.8-14)

The worship of the four living creatures and the 24 elders (8-10)

They fall down (8a)

Description: they hold harps and bowls of prayer-incense (8b)

Their hymn (9-10)

The worship of a multitude of angels (11-12)

Their number (11a)

Their location (11b)

Their hymn (12)

The worship of every creature in the universe (13)

The identity of the singers (13a)

Their hymn (13b)

The response of the four living creatures and the elders (14)

The four living creatures say Amen (14a)

The 24 elders fall down and worship (14b)

Source: author’s personal study

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