The structure of Revelation 10

Description of another powerful angel (Rev. 10.1-3a)

He comes from heaven (1a)

John describes his appearance (1b)

There is an open book in his hand (2a)

He stands on both sea and land (2b)

He shouts (3a)

The seven thunders (Rev. 10.3b-4)

The seven thunders speak in response to the angel’s shout (3b)

John attempts to write what they spoke (4a)

A voice tells John not to disclose what they said (4b)

The angel’s oath (Rev. 10.5-7)

The angel raises his hand (5)

The angel swears by God’s name (6a)

The content of the oath (6b-7)

There is no more time left (6b)

The days of the seventh trumpet are the fulfillment of the mystery of God (7)

John eats the little book (Rev. 10.8-11)

A voice orders John to take the book (8)

An angel orders him to eat it (9)

It is sweet in his mouth, but bitter in his stomach (10)

The angel tells him to prophesy (11)

Source: author’s personal study

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