The structure of Revelation 2.12-17

Letter to the church in Pergamum (Rev. 2.12-17)

Command to write (2.12a)

Description of Christ (2.12b) – has double-edged sword

The works that Christ recognizes (2.13) – they remain true in a difficult location, did not renounce their faith, even when Antipas was martyred

Complaint (2.14-15) – some hold to the teachings of Balaam and of the Nicolaitans

Commands of Christ for the church (2.16a) – repent

Consequences (2.16b) – Christ will fight against them with the sword of his mouth

Concession (omitted)

Call to attention (2.17a)

Promise to the victor (2.17b) – hidden manna, white stone with a new name

Source: author’s personal study

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