The structure of Revelation 3.14-22

Letter to the church in Laodicea (Rev. 3.14-22)

Command to write (3.14a)

Description of Christ (3.14b) – Amen, faithful and true witness, ruler over God’s creation

The works that Christ recognizes (converted into the complaint, below)

Complaint (3.15-17)

Complaint proper: Christ knows that they are lukewarm (3.15)

Consequence: Christ will vomit them from his mouth (3.16)

Correction: They think they are rich but they are poor (3.17)

Commands of Christ for the church (3.18-19)

Command: buy gold, white clothes and healing salve (3.18)

Encouragement: Christ disciplines them because he loves them (3.19a)

Command: get serious and repent (3.19b)

Consequences (3.20) – Christ will enter and commune with those who invite him in

Concession (omitted)

Promise to the victor (3.21) – the right to sit on Christ’s throne

Call to attention (3.22)

Source: author’s personal study.

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