Six connections between Revelation 12 and Revelation 17 (Witherington)

  1. Both the heavenly woman in chapter 12 and the prostitute in chapter 14 are depicted as mothers (Rev. 12.2, 17.5).
  2. Both women are seen in the wilderness at some point (Rev. 12.6, 17.3).
  3. Both chapters mention eating and drinking in connection with death. In Revelation 12.4 the dragon wishes to devour a child as he is born. Revelation 17.6 says that the prostitute drank the blood of the murdered saints.
  4. Revelation 12.1 and 17.4 use the same Greek word to describe women being ‘clothed’ with splendid attire.
  5. Both chapters mention red animals with seven heads and ten horns (the dragon in Revelation 12.3 and the beast in Revelation 17.3).
  6. Revelation 12.7 mentions people who hold the testimony of Jesus, and Revelation 17.6 mentions witnesses of Jesus.

Source: Ben Witherington, Revelation. (Cambridge University Press, 2003).

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