Seven connections between the seals in Revelation 6 and the visions in Revelation 19-20 (Tavo)

  1. In Revelation 6.2 there is a rider on a white horse sent out to conquer. In Revelation 19.11, 19.14 there is a rider on a white horse prepared to make battle.
  2. In Revelation 6.8 there is a rider with a great sword, and in Revelation 19.15, 19.21 the rider has a sharp sword.
  3. Death and Hades are mentioned in Revelation 6.8 and they are both thrown into the lake of fire in Revelation 20.13-14.
  4. Revelation 6.9 mentions souls slain on account of the word of God and their witness. Revelation 20.4 mentions souls beheaded for their witness and on account of the word of God.
  5. Heaven vanishes in Revelation 6.14, and heaven flees from sight in Revelation 20.11.
  6. Both Revelation 6.15 and 19.18 mention kings, generals, the powerful, slaves and the free.
  7. Both Revelation 6.17 and 19.15 mention the wrath of God.

Felise Tavo, The structure of the Apocalypse: re-examining a perennial problem. (Novum testamentum 47 no 1 2005), 66.

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