Seven connections between Jezebel in Revelation 2.18-29 and the prostitute in Revelation 17-18 (Witherington)

Ben Witherington has a chart showing seven different parallels between Jezebel in Revelation 2 and Babylon in Revelation 17-18:

  1. In chapter two, Jezebel is a mother (Rev. 2.23) who engages in adultery and sexual immorality (20-22). The prostitute in chapter 17 is called a mother (Rev. 17.5) and engages in adultery (Rev. 17.2, 17.4).
  2. Both women are linked to character’s from Israel’s distant past: Jezebel in ch. 2 and Babylon in ch. 17.
  3. Both of them lead others astray (Rev. 2.20 and 18.23).
  4. Both are depicted as active agents rather than passive victims.
  5. Both are depicted as sexually active
  6. Both women eat food that defiles them: Jezebel eats food sacrificed to idols in Revelation 2.20 (implied), and the prostitute drinks human blood in Revelation 17.6.
  7. The destruction of both women is predicted (Rev. 2.22, 17.6).

Source: Ben Witherington, Revelation. (Cambridge University Press, 2003), 75.

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