Five things Revelation tells us about the persecution John and his readers have already experienced

  1. In Revelation 1.9 John writes that he was on the island of Patmos “because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus.” Some think this simply means that John went to Patmos to receive the visions contained in this book. But a historical work by Pliny says that Patmos was used as a Roman place of exile, and historically Revelation 1.9 has been taken to mean that John was exiled to Patmos for preaching the gospel. The parallels between Rev. 1.9 and 20.4 support this position.
  2. Revelation 2.3 and 2.9 tell us that the churches have experienced afflictions and hardships
  3. Revelation 2.13 and 3.8 tell us that some churches have remained faithful to Jesus (implying a test of their faith)
  4. Revelation 2.13 specifies that one Christian, Antipas, had lost his life in the persecution.
  5. In Revelation 2.9-10 and 3.9 we see that the persecution was local and that some of the persecutors were Jewish.

Sources: Various.

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