The structure of Revelation 8.2-9.21

The first six trumpets (Rev. 8.1-9.21)

Prelude to the blowing of the trumpets (Rev. 8.2-6)

John sees seven angels given seven trumpets (8.2)

John sees another angel with a golden censer (8.3-6)

The angel approaches the altar (8.3a)

The angel is given incense to offer with the prayers of the saints (8.3b)

The smoke of the incense and the prayers rises to God (8.4)

The angel hurls fire from the altar to the earth (8.5a)

Cosmic phenomena attend the action (8.5b)

The seven angels prepare to blow their trumpets (8.6)

The first trumpet (Rev. 8.7)

The angel blows the trumpet (8.7a)

Hail, fire and blood fall to the earth (8.7b)

A third of the earth, trees and grass are burned (8.7c)

The second trumpet (Rev. 8.8-9)

The angel blows the trumpet (8.8a)

A burning mountain is thrown into the sea (8.8b)

A third of the sea, sea creatures and ships are destroyed (8.9)

The third trumpet (Rev. 8.10-11)

The angel blows the trumpet (8.10a)

A star falls from the sky (8.10b)

The star is named: Wormwood (8.11a)

A third of the fresh waters turn bitter (8.11b)

The fourth trumpet (Rev. 8.12)

The angel blows the trumpet (8.12a)

A third of the sun, moon and stars turn dark (8.12b)

Interlude: an eagle cries out a woe (Rev. 8.13)

The fifth trumpet (Rev. 9.1-11)

The angel blows the trumpet (9.1a)

The star from 8.10-11 opens the abyss (9.1b-11)

John sees the star (9.1b)

The star is given the key to the abyss (9.1c)

The smoke from the opened abyss darkens the sky (9.2)

Locusts come from the smoke (9.3-11)

Their appearance and power (9.3)

The limits on their power (9.4-5a)

A description of the torture they inflict (9.5b-6)

Their appearance (9.7-10)

Their king and his name (9.11)

Parenthetical comment: the first of three woes has past (Rev. 9.12)

The sixth trumpet (Rev. 9.13-21)

The angel blows the trumpet (9.13a)

A voice tells the sixth angel to release the four angels at the Euphrates (9.13b-14)

The four angels kill a third of mankind (9.15)

John sees an army of mounted troops (9.16-21)

The troops’ number (9.16)

The troops’ appearance (9.17)

The troops’ deadly mouths and tails kill a third of humankind (9.18-19)

The unrepentance of the remainder of humankind (9.20-21)

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