Four verses in Revelation 2.12-17 that allude to the Old Testament

  1. Revelation 2.12 and 2.16 allude to Isaiah 49.2, in which the Servant of the Lord has a mouth like a sharpened sword.
  2. Revelation 2.14 alludes to the story of Balaam’s enticing the Israelites to commit sexual immorality and eat food sacrificed to idols. This story is told briefly in Numbers 25.1-2 and 31.16.
  3. Revelation 2.17 mentions that Jesus will give his faithful followers manna and a new name.
    • Psalm 78.24 mentions God’s giving of manna in Moses’ time. See Exodus 13 and Numbers 11 for more on manna.
    • Isaiah 62.2 and 65.15 mention the new name that God will give his people.

Source: The Greek New Testament (UBS, 4th edition), compared with the Old Testament Quotations and Allusions in the New Testament feature in Logos Bible Software version 4.

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