Seven major contrasts in the book of Revelation

  1. The beast from the sea is a deliberate imitation of Christ the Lamb. They both have crowns, they both receive worship, and they both die and come back to life.
  2. The beast from the land, or false prophet, is an imitation of the Holy Spirit. He points to the first beast just as the Holy Spirit points to Christ (John 16.13-14), and he breathes life and inspires prophecy.
  3. The dragon who makes the beast is contrasted with God the Father to complete this evil parody of the Trinity.
  4. The whore of Babylon is in direct contrast to the Bride of Christ.
  5. The city of Babylon is contrasted with the new Jerusalem.
  6. The mark that the first beast gives to his followers is contrasted with the seal that the Lamb places on the 144,000.
  7. Heaven and earth are contrasted throughout the book until they are finally reunited at the end.

Source: Adaptation of “Revelation, book of” in the Dictionary of Biblical Imagery. (Downer’s Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1998).

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