Five things about Rome other than persecution and the emperor cult that Revelation criticizes

The book of Revelation focuses on the pressures to engage in emperor worship and the persecution that resulted when Christians resisted those pressures. But we should not overlook the serious prophetic denunciations raised in chapters 17-18 against Rome. A number of commentators refer to Revelation as an example – the most notable example, in fact – of anti-Roman ‘protest literature’.
  1. Revelation condemns Rome’s economic exploitation of the nations for its own self-serving ends (Rev. 18.3)
  2. Revelation condemns Rome for deceiving and intoxicating the nations with its adulteries (Rev. 17.2, 18.3; when the Bible says that a nation commits adultery it refers to the importation and exportation of idolatry)
  3. Revelation condemns Rome’s materialistic excess (Rev. 17.4, 18.3, 18.7)
  4. Revelation condemns Rome’s trafficking of human beings as slaves (Rev. 18.13)
  5. Revelation holds Rome responsible not only for the death of prophets and apostles, but for the murder of many people (Rev. 18.24)

Source: author’s personal study, inspired by random comments in commentaries and articles.

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