Five verses in Revelation 1.9-20 that allude to the Old Testament

In Revelation 1.13, One like a Son of man stands among lampstands dressed in a long robe and a golden sash.

  • In Ezekiel 9.2 and 9.11 a man in linen appears in Ezekiel’s vision.
  • In Daniel 7.13, One like a Son of man approaches God’s throne.
  • Daniel 10.5 mentions a man dressed in linen and a belt of fine gold.

Revelation 1.14-15 describe Christ’s appearance: head and hair like snow and wool, eyes like fire, feet like glowing bronze in a furnace, and voice like rushing water.

  • In Daniel 7.9 the Ancient of Days is described as having hair as white as wool. The verse also uses snow to speak of whiteness, and mentions fire.
  • Daniel 10.6 describes a man in a vision whose face is like lightning, whose legs are like burnished bronze, and whose voice is like the sound of a multitude.

In Revelation 1.16 a  sharp double-edged sword protrudes from Christ’s mouth.  In Isaiah 49.2 the Servant says that God made his mouth like a “sharpened sword.”

In Revelation 1.17 Christ says he is the first and the last. In Isaiah 44.6 and 48.12 God says that he is the first and the last.

In Revelation 1.19 Jesus commands John to write what he has seen – “what is now and what will take place later.”

  • In Isaiah 48.6 (especially in the LXX version) God says that he will tell the prophet new, previously hidden things.
  • In Daniel 2.28-29 and Daniel 2.45, Daniel tells the king that through a vision, God has shown the king “what must take place in the future”.

Source: The Greek New Testament (UBS, 4th edition), compared with the Old Testament Quotations and Allusions in the New Testament feature in Logos Bible Software version 4.

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