The structure of Revelation 3.1-6

Letter to the church in Sardis (Rev. 3.1-6)

Command to write (3.1a)

Description of Christ (3.1b) – holds seven spirits and seven stars

The works that Christ recognizes (3.1c) – they have a reputation for being alive

Complaint (3.1d) – but they are dead

Commands of Christ for the church (3.2-3a) – wake up, strengthen what remains, remember, obey, repent

Consequences (3.3b) – Christ will come like a thief

Concession (3.4a) – some have not dirtied their clothes

Promise to the victor (3.4b-5) – will walk with Christ, be dressed in white, have his/her name in the book of life, be acknowledged by Christ

Call to attention (3.6)

Source: author’s personal study

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