27 songs in Revelation

Many people think Revelation is a dark, frightening book. But despite this initial appearance because of the plagues and disasters in the book, Revelation really is a joyful book, filled with songs and rejoicing. In the list below, I have counted as songs every section where the NIV has set the text apart visually from the narrative.
  1. In Revelation 1.5b-6 John praises the God who saved us and made us a kingdom of priests.
  2. In Revelation 4.8 the four living creatures praise God’s holiness.
  3. In Revelation 4.11 the 24 elders sing that God is worthy because he is the Creator.
  4. In Revelation 5.9-10 the elders and the living creatures say that the Lamb is worthy because he is the Redeemer.
  5. In Revelation 5.12 the angels, elders and living creatures exclaim that the Lamb is worthy.
  6. In Revelation 5.13b every creature praises God and the Lamb.
  7. In Revelation 5.14 every creature says Amen.
  8. In Revelation 7.10 a great multitude sings that salvation belongs to God and the Lamb.
  9. In Revelation 7.12 the angels ascribe praise, glory, etc to God.
  10. In Revelation 11.15 heavenly voices say that the kingdom has passed to  God and his Messiah.
  11. In Revelation 11.17-18 the 24 elders thank God for reigning and for beginning to judge.
  12. In Revelation 12.10-12 a heavenly voice calls the heavens to rejoice and the earth to lament, because the dragon has been thrown from heaven to earth.
  13. In Revelation 14.3 the 144,000 receive a new song that only they know.
  14. In Revelation 15.3-4 the ones who conquer sing about the works of God.
  15. In Revelation 16.5-6 an angel sings that God is just for judging the persecutors of the saints
  16. In Revelation 16.7b the martyrs exclaim that God is just.
  17. In Revelation 18.2-3 an angel sings that Babylon has fallen.
  18. In Revelation 18.4-7 a voice calls out for people to flee Babylon.
  19. In Revelation 18.10 the kings of the earth sing a lament for Babylon.
  20. In Revelation 18.16-17a the merchants sing a lament for Babylon.
  21. In Revelation 18.19 the sailors and sea travelers sing a lament for Babylon.
  22. In Revelation 18.20 someone (the author?) calls the saints and apostles to rejoice over Babylon.
  23. In Revelation 18.21-24 a powerful angel sings that Babylon has fallen.
  24. In Revelation 19.1b-3 the great multitude praises God for condemning Babylon.
  25. In Revelation 19.4 the elders and living creatures sing Amen, Aleluia.
  26. In Revelation 19.5 a voice from the throne calls God’s servants to praise him.
  27. In Revelation 19.6b-8 the great multitude praises because God reigns and the wedding supper of the Lamb has arrived.

Sources: Mark S. Wilson, Charts on the Book of Revelation. (Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2007), pp. 74-75, augmented by the author’s personal study.

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  1. Darlene Blackwood Said,

    May 11, 2016 @ 12:46 pm

    I have just completed the study of Revelation with Bible Study Fellowship, Intl. In compiling my notes to answer the final questions, I have found this list of the songs extremely helpful. I did not realize how beautifully they summarize the book of Revelation.

    Thank you so much for all the time you have spent making Revelation more understandable, and thank you for this list of songs!

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