The structure of Revelation 11.1-19

Events to come in Jerusalem (Rev. 11.1-13)

The measuring of the Jerusalem temple (1-2)

John is told to measure the temple and count the worshipers (1)

John is told not to measure the outer court (2a)

Reason: The outer court will be given to the Gentiles to trample (2b)

The two witnesses (3-13)

The ministry of the two witnesses (3-6)

Their ministry (3) – they are given power to prophesy

Explanation (4) – they are two olive branches and two lampstands

Their defense mechanism (5) – they destroy their attackers with fire from their mouths

Their power (6)

Power over the sky, to stop the rain (6a)

Power over the water, to convert it into blood (6b)

Power over the land, to strike it with plagues (6c)

The martyrdom of the two witnesses (7-10)

The beast kills them (7)

Their bodies lie in the street of Jerusalem (8)

Their enemies gloat over them (9-10)

The resurrection and ascension of the two witnesses (11-13)

Their resurrection (11)

Their ascension (12)

An earthquake in Jerusalem (13)

Announcement that the second woe has finished (Rev. 11:14)

The seventh trumpet (Rev. 11:15-19)

The sounding of the trumpet (15a)

A hymnic response in heaven (15b)

The response of the 24 elders (16-18)

Their worship (16)

The content of their hymn (17-18)

Activity in heaven (19)

The opening of the temple (19a)

The appearance of the ark (19b)

Cosmic phenomena (19c)

Source: author’s personal study

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