Links to other sites on Revelation

This is the beginning of a growing list of links.

Indexes of websites on Revelation

  • Loren L. John’s index of resources on Revelation here
  • Felix Just’s index of links to resources on Revelation, apocalyptic literature and millennarianism here
  • Felix Just’s index of music and art related to Revlelation here
  •’s index of online Revelation resources here

Sites with actual resources on Revelation

  • Craig Koester’s “Cities of Revelation” here
  • PBS’ Frontline: Apocalypse! website on Revelation and apocalypticism here
  • Ross A. Taylor’s commentary and articles here

Free online books

  • Vernon Eller’s The Most Revealing Book of the Bible here

Free online articles

  • David L. Barr, “Towards an Ethical Reading of the Apocalypse: Reflections on John’s Use of Power, Violence, and Misogyny” here
  • Loren L. Johns, “Facing Revelation’s Beasts: The Opportunities and Challenges of Pastoral Ministry at the Edge of History” here
  • Loren L. Johns, “The Lamb in the Rhetorical Program of the Apocalypse of John” here
  • Steven Moyise, “Does the Lion Lie Down with the Lamb?” here

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