The structure of Revelation 21.1-22.5

John’s vision of the new order (Rev. 21.1-2)

John sees a new heaven and a new earth with no more sea (21.1)

John sees the new Jerusalem descend from heaven (21.2)

John hears a voice from (near) the throne (Rev. 21.3-4)

God will dwell with humankind (21.3a)

God will be the God of his people (21.3b)

God will wipe away his people’s tears (21.4a)

The old order and its evils are gone (21.4b)

Seven words from the One seated on the throne (Rev. 21.5-8)

Declaration that he makes all things new (21.5a)

Command to write down his words (21.5b)

Declaration that it is finished (21.6a)

Identification as the Alpha and Omega, etc (21.6b)

Gift of the water of life to those who are thirsty (21.6c)

Promise of inheitance and God’s presence to those who overcome (21.7)

List of those whose destiny is the lake of fire (21.8)

An angel takes John to a mountain from which to see the Lamb’s bride (=city) (Rev. 21.9-10)

John’s description of the new Jerusalem (Rev. 21.11-22.5)

Its glory (21.11)

Its wall(s) and twelve gates (21.12-13)

Its foundation (21.14)

Its dimensions (21.15-17)

The materials from which it was made (21.18-21)

The materials for its walls (21.18)

The materials for its foundations (21.19-20)

The materials for its gates (21.21a)

The materials for its great street (21.21b)

What John does not see in the city (21.22-23)

There is no temple, for God and the Lamb are its temple (21.22)

There is no need for sun or moon, for God and the Lamb are its light (21.23)

Its dominion over the nations (21.24-26)

The nations will walk by its light (21.24a)

Kings will bring their splendor to it (21.24b)

It will not need to be closed at night (21.25)

The nations will bring their glory to it (21.26)

Those who will and will not gain entrance into the city (21.27)

Those who will not be allowed to enter (21.27a)

Those who will be allowed to enter (21.27b)

The river of life (22.1-2a)

The tree of life (22.2b)

The absence of the curse (22.3a)

The throne of God and the Lamb (22.3b)

The servants of God (22.3c-5)

They will serve God (22.3c)

They will see God’s face (22.4a)

God’s name will be on them (22.4b)

God will always give them light (22.5a)

They will reign forever (22.5b)

Source: author’s personal study

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