The structure of Revelation 22.6-21

Three confirmations of the words of this book (Rev. 22.6-8a)

The angel vouches for the trustworthiness and divine source of the words (6)

The Lord speaks (7)

First of three “I am ├é┬ácoming soon” sayings (7a)

Beatitude for the faithful reader (7b)

John confirms he is an eyewitness (8a)

John’s interaction with the angel (Rev. 22.8b-11)

John attempts to worship the angel (8b)

The angel rebukes John (9)

The angel forbids John’s worship (9a)

The angel explains his identity (9b)

The angel redirects John’s worship to God (9c)

The angel commands John not to seal up the words of the book (10)

The angel tells John to let everyone continue in their present conduct (11)

The messages of the Lord Jesus to the listener (Rev. 22.12-20)

Second of three “I am coming soon” sayings (12)

Identification as Alpha and Omega, etc (13)

Beatitude for those who wash their robes (14)

List of those left outside the city (15)

Confirmation of the sending of the angel (16a)

Identification as Root, Offspring and Star (16b)

Invitations to come and drink the water of life (17)

Warnings (18-19)

Warning to those who add to the book (18)

Warning to those who take away from the book (19)

Third of three “I am coming soon” sayings (20a)

John’s authorial conclusion (Rev. 22.20b-21)

Amen (20b)

Prayer (20c)

Grace benediction (21)

Source: author’s personal study

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