The structure of Revelation 14

The 144,000 and their song (Rev. 14.1-5)

John sees the Lamb and the 144,000 (1)

John hears a loud, musical sound from heaven (2)

The song of the 144,000 (3ab)

The 144,000 sing a song (3a)

Explanation: only the 144,000 can sing the song (3b)

Description of the 144,000 (3c-5)

They were redeemed from the earth (3c)

They kept themselves pure from defilement with women (4a)

They were purchased and offered to God and the Lamb as sacrifice (4b)

They do not tell lies (5)

The messages of the three angels (Rev. 14.6-12)

The message of the first angel (6-7)

Description of the angel with the eternal gospel (6)

The message of the angel (7)

Fear God, because the hour of judgment has come! (7a)

Worship God the Creator! (7b)

The message of the second angel: Fallen is Babylon that made the world drunk! (8)

The message of the third angel (9-11)

Protasis: If anyone worships the beast and receives the mark… (9a)

First apodosis: …he will drink of God’s wrath (9b-10a)

Second apodosis: …he will be tormented with sulfur (10b)

Amplification: the torment will be forever (11)

Call to endurance (12)

A beatitude on those who die in the Lord (Rev. 14.13)

A voice commands John to write (13a)

The content of what John is to write: a beatitude on those who die in the Lord (13b)

The Spirit affirms the content of the beatitude (13c)

The two harvests of the world (Rev. 14.14-20)

The first harvest (14-16)

John sees One like a Son of Man holding a  sickle (14)

An angel tells the Son of Man to reap (15)

The Son of Man swings his sickle (16)

The second harvest (17-20)

John sees a second angel holding a sickle (17)

A third angel tells the second angel to reap (18)

The second angel reaps (19-20)

The angel gathers the grapes and throws them into the winepress (19)

The blood of the trampled grapes overflows the winepress (20)

Source: author’s personal study

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