The structure of Revelation 13

The beast from the sea (Rev. 13.1b-10)

The first beast’s emergence from the sea (1b)

John’s description of the first beast (1c-2c)

Horns and heads (1c)

General appearance (2a)

Feet (2b)

Mouth (2c)

The activities of the first beast (2d-8)

The beast receives authority from the dragon (2d)

The beast’s fatal wound heals (3a)

The whole world reacts to the beast (3b-4)

Astonishment (3b)

Following (3c)

Worship of the dragon (4a)

Worship of the beast (4b)

Hymn to the beast (4c)

The beast’s mouth (5-6)

The beast receives a mouth with which to blaspheme (5)

The beast uses his mouth to blaspheme (6)

The beast’s power and authority (7)

The beast receives power to conquer the saints (7a)

The beast receives authority to rule all the world (7b)

The whole world worships the beast (8)

Prophecy that the world will worship the beast (8a)

Description of those who will worship the beast (8b)

Prophetic call for response (9-10)

Call to attention (9)

Prophetic announcement about the inescapability of persecution (10a)

Call for endurance and faithfulness (10b)

The beast from the earth (Rev. 13.11-18)

The second beast’s emergence from the earth (11a)

John’s description of the second beast (11b)

Its horns (11b)

Its speech (11c)

The second beast’s activities (12-17)

Its work on behalf of the first beast (12)

Its performance of miracles, including fire from heaven (13)

Its deception of humanity (14a)

Its command to set up an image of the first beast (14b)

Its miraculous animation of the image to speak and to murder (15)

Its imposition of the mark of the name/number of the first beast (16-17)

The universal nature of the imposition (16)

The economic sanctions for those who do not receive it (17a)

Description of the mark (17b)

Prophetic call for response (18)

Call to exercise wisdom (18a)

The riddle of the number of the first beast (18b)

Information about the number of the first beast (18c)

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