The structure of Revelation 3.7-13

Letter to the church in Philadelphia (Rev. 3.7-13)

Command to write (3.7a)

Description of Christ (3.7b) – holds the keys of David, opens and closes irrevocably

The works that Christ recognizes (3.8-10a)

He knows their deeds (3.8a)

He has placed an open door before them (3.8a)

He knows that despite their weakness they have kept his word and did not deny his name (3.8c)

He promises to make their persecutors acknowledge his love for them (3.9)

He knows they have endured patiently (3.10a)

Consequence: he will keep them from the hour of trail (3.10b)

Complaint (omitted)

Commands of Christ for the church (3.11a) – hold on to what they have, because he is coming soon

Consequences (3.11b) – so that no one takes their crown

Concession (omitted)

Promise to the victor (3.12) – will be a temple pillar, will never leave the temple, will be written on him the names of God, the new Jerusalem and Christ

Call to attention (3.13)

Source: author’s personal study

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