The structure of Revelation 2.18-29

Letter to the church in Thyatira (Rev. 2.18-29)

Command to write (2.18a)

Description of Christ (2.18b) – fiery eyes and bronze feet

The works that Christ recognizes (2.19) – love, faith, perseverance, service, improvement

Complaint (2.20-23)

Complaint proper: they tolerate Jezebel (20a)

Description of Jezebel (20b-21)

Description of her coming punishment (22-23)

Commands of Christ for [the faithful in] the church (2.24-25) – hold on to what they have

Consequences (omitted)

Concession (omitted)

Promise to the victor (2.26-28) – authority over the nations, the morning star

Call to attention (2.29)

Source: author’s personal study

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